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today in our school some of our classmates cant really shut their trap and rather just keep it to themselves~ they just go on and on and talk a friend behind their back then infront or them they play like a bunch of pretending angels

i dont really understand this type of persons with such an unreasonable attitude problem

i know one of my classmates that just goes on and on without even thinking what she is saying.. and backstab her friend (imagine her FRIEND?!? haha... her own life supporting friend) and even spill the beans of a super secrecy thing and she told it to a teacher and then now she is somewhat playing nice to her

what she thinks high of herself huh?! like what she links that whatever she's gonna say everyone will believe her?! (~bahhhs like of corz everyone will believe her cause she has this convincing look plus she has many friends thats why she thinks shes high of herself.. though sometimes she's nice but i cant confirm that or can really be sure if really shes nice to me or just BEING nice)

okay what happens today is when me and my other group members presented our report that "A" restlessly worked for.. Since the projector is used by the other students we were offered that we should instead us the computer room for us to present and report about out culinary thing.. (our teacher told us that we should bake home to home since the tle room is currently undergoing a major renovation or so i say) anw.. we told our classmates to go to the computer room and participate by just listening to us...

BUT needless to say some of our classmates dont wanna come which is very frustrating cause all they've got to do is listen and watch and then now they are lazy?!? to what?!? to listen??!?! WTF?! are their butts too big and heavy for them to walk?! Screw them!!! we've called them many times but some just dont budge at all pretending they dont hear a thing... and yet they didnt even know that what they are doing is a sign of impudence to us

and then now one classmate of ours- who is very very good at issuing other people of some stuffs that is not really that big deal and she makes it sound like its a matter of life and death that everyone should hate that kind of person to whoever she is taking about.... ive hated her since our junior high cause she just cant SHUT her TRAP! she is such a blabbermouthed windbag full of crap and so CHILDISH!

anw enough of my rants... im just pissed off!
*not revieling any names

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