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something happened at school that completely RUINED my DAY!!

Maam S is a kind of teacher that is lazy... she said something to me infront of the class... she was like "oh. many complain to you that you are so slow in getting on the bus"

in my mind i was like "HOW ABSURD!!" she then said that Maam D was the one complaining.. at that time i almost want to skin that brainless sluggish teacher alive! so anyway! what really made me angry is that I AM ALWAYS the first one in getting on the BUS.. and ma'am D is like sometimes late in getting on the BUS! and shes throwing her tardiness too ME?!? and she sometimes even cant find a good seat on the bus while me im in my usual seat near the window..

if i was so late then i should be standing or rather sitting between chairs which is actually Maam D is always sitting... like RIGHT NOW! i am the first one to get on the bus then HER! she even said that "the *my surname*'s sisters" hahahaha!!!!! ayioooo! its just me and my younger bro!


sorry... i think i have polluted my blog with my rants but i just cant help it!
anw...what you see just leave it here... cause i dont want this is make it a very big deal

oh anyway... we watched "Jose Rizal" today and our Social Studies (economics) teacher gave us a MSA review which we should answer and im not yet finished haha.. i skip math cause well.... ????

anw.. need more participants in the best of blog awards

ive just noticed that some copy how i copyright my images, please dont kill yourself you could never do something like mine..

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