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arghh!! i cant consentrate studing! my tummy hurts so bad! ahhh!!

*before ill start studying... im just gonna do this survey hehe*

Tell me a girl's name (or a few) that begin with...
A: Agnes & Amelia
B: Babbii
C: Clarrence
D: Diane
E: Elyzel
F: Fatima
G: Grace
H: Hazel & Heaven
I: Isabel & Imee
J: Janine & Jona
K: Kris
L: Laila & Lyra
M: Melaine
N: Nani
O: ohlala (not really a name haha)
P: Pam
Q: QiQi
R: Raichelle
S: Stephanie! thats me~
T: tong tong
U: Ursula
V: Valerie
W: Weii
X: xiaorene
Y: ya tou (from blackies teenage)
Z: zhing bal (not a name)

Tell me a boy's name (or a few) that begin with...
A: Aldrin
B: Bingo!
C: celvin
D: Danson
E: Erick
F: Fahrenheit (yah this isnt a name) haha..
G: Gold fish (not a name haha.. cant think of anything)
H: hale (wtf)
I: imaaa@
K: karyl
L: laven
M: Modsss
N: Nim
O: Osmii
P: Pati
Q: Qing kung (haha) not a name`cant think of anything
R: Reggie
S: Steven
T: Teddy (archie friends)
U: Ulala
V: Vain (not a name)
W: Wang zi
X: xing xing
Y: yoyoyo!
Z: Zhi shu (the leading man in ISWAK)

1] Out of your friends, which have the most unique names?: heaven ^_^
2] If you had a child, which names listed above would you consider naming them?: none.. i rather name if ever got one .. her = lesley .. him = jiro haha... (named after jiro wang) haha
3] Were you named after anyone/anything?: nope.
4] Name all your exes. Which has the nicest name?: what exes?
5] If you could change the SPELLING of your name, what would you change it to?: Steffanie! .. the spelling of "Stephanie" sounds pretty common
6] If you could change your last name, what would you change it to?: "kyo" i just think its kinda nice, short and easy to write rather than mine so long
7] What about middle name?: "E"
8] What's your mom's middle name?: "b"
9] Dad's?: "A"
10] How many people do you know with the middle name "Marie"?: my mom and.. many more

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