poupee girl

ive signed up at (pupe.jp) the site is really nice.. its like dressing up your own doll.. so im inviting each and everyone of you to join hehe...

ive just realized that my blog is best viewed in Mozilla FireFox cause the image border and text-select only works there but not in Internet Explorer bahhhh~ this sucks.... im still trying to fix the prob.

as you seen ive changed my blogkin.. this is a lot more simpler than the last one.. so dont even bother to ripped it. okay haha

note: currently showing 1 post at my blog . for more click on "latest entries" to look at my other previous post

i changed back my blogskin ... this is the my blogskin that got ripped off and submitted in blogskins.com by some unknown user.. but srsly i dont feel like using this skin anymore.. just using this for a min time.. since their are misunderstandings..

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