new set of SMILIES

i found a new set of smilies today!! WOOTS! the same as my previous smilies i use in my blog entries.. i found them at a korean blog .. and to tell you that .. dont mind asking me where i got them.. cause i dont wanna tell!!! hahas.. i got them the same as my previous one!

and dont mind telling msde to credit it.. cause not everything needs to be credited... go ahead tell me some of your stupid lectures of crediting cause i just dont listen!!

dont be such a copycat..! go find it yourself.. and dont drag&drop it from my blog...!! if caught you.. im gonna ask you where you got it! if you cant tell me the url.. then you copy it at my blog!

so anw....



im gonna show you the smilies later

new set of smilies a total of 70 ++ and still downloading bleks


please dont link me with my blogspot url!!
link me with .co.nr domain : puremilky.co.nr

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