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ill replies the tags late hehe.. im kinda tired and lazy right now *my apologizy

its about FEMALE BRAINS compared to MALE BRAINS! and i tell you! its damn FUNNY! i laugh my ass out cause particularly eveything he says is TRUE! just watch it.. this isnt about national geography ..i mean youve got to be kidding me! i hate watching geo's and stuffs like that but this thing is different

okay read this.. this are the lines he said that made me laugh...
men's brains are very unique they are made up of little boxes and we have a box for everything a box for the car, a box for the money, box for the job, box for the childs and box for your mother somewhere in the basement we got boxes everywhere and the rules is the boxes dont touch.. when the men dicuss a particular subject we got to that particualr box and we dicuss only what is in that box and then we close the box and put it away being careful not to touch any other boxes

haha i laugh when he said "for your mother somewhere in the basement"

its really fun when he said about females that..

women's brains are very very different from men's brain. women's brains are made up of big ball of wire and everything is connected to everything! the moneys got to the car the cars give it to the your job and your childs give it to your mother! and everythings connected eveything! its like the internet super highway and its all driven energy that we call emotion.. its one thing that women remebers everything! becuz if you take it in a vent and if you connect it to emotion. it burns in your memory and you could remember it forver and the same things happens for men and it just does happent very often cause quite frankly we dont care, women tend to care about EEVERYTHING

okayy.. i agree everything he said thats why i laugh and my lil bro laughs too cuase its true.. theirs a line where he said that MEN have a particulare box called "THE NOTHING BOX" and well.. its their favorite box where they could slack here and there.. also the national something something (pardon me i forget what he said) studies the men's brain and figured it out that men have the ability to aboslutely think of nothing still breath
anw just watch it you wont regret it

and i do believe im a women thats in a lose wire or in a screw loose (haha)

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