the twelve foot long tabloid

at school
unfortunetly we didnt do anything today... teachers are too busy making our grades this quarter.. all we do is watch a movie in the laptop and go crazy anw..

we discuss something about our "buwan ng wika" becuase there will be a contest next week... its like a festival of some sort and bring along some filipino foods and many more...

sir O give us our exam papars and good thing i passed haha..

our teacher well.. she is busy thats why we didnt have any discussions today but instead she gave us an assignment *bummer*

recess *my favorite subject*~~ haha
me and shel go to the canteen to buy some "sustenance" if you know what i mean..
listen to this: its really shocking its like taking the wind out of your sails when we see a pair of flyies having toot toot *the s word* it goes like this.. me and shel fall in the in the canteen to buy food when she outrageously pointing figers at the two ugly flies near the popcorn machine.... we shoo it away but still in its position ~like WTF haha
-bah dont wanna continue- its like really my first time seeing two ugly flies doing something like that in public..

at our classroom during recess
me and shel eat this CHILI incase you dont know what it is.. its a a narrow red or green hot-tasting pod... shel's face went brightly red and she finished a whole bottle of water -and counting cause she refills it and drink again- then followed by me.... since we dont want our sufferings to our own.. we decided to share it with ----- no other than isabel.. she was refusing to eat it due to lack of brain *just kidding* she refuses to eat it cause she thinks were up to something *i hate to say this but shes right*
since she doesnt have any choice, she urgely puck out her tongue and taste the chili *warning she doesnt know its a chili* anw she didnt eat it.. she just lick it and she back off and drink lots of water..

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