im so busy today.. so then ill reply the tags tomorrow so sorry i am busy for the preparation of our application form to take the USTET

im 16 and ill be graduating next year and going to college hahas. im taking BS in TOURISM our test would be on november 3,2008 so hopefully ill pass

OMG! then agian i have to wake up early tomorrow for our college review so far i got only 1 day to rest... right now im downloading some images in shabby princess to do my next blog layout cause ive been using this blogskin for like 2 months already....

answered a survery befor i leave

i picked this survery randomly so who cares what topic it is..

How good of a lover are you?

[] You consider yourself very romantic.
[] I've paid for a date entirely before.
[] ...and I'd do it again!
[] I don't mind buying lots of things for my sweetie.
[] If I love them, I'd tell them daily.
[/] If their favorite band came to town and they wanted to go see them with me, I'd go even if I couldn't stand the band.
[] I'd spend 100+ dollars on them for their birthday or a holiday.
[/] If they're sad, I can't sleep knowing they're upset.
[] I'd constantly compliment them.
[] If they're cold, they can have my jacket!
Total so far: 2 (haha.. normally guys do this and not girls bahh~!)

[/] When they're mad, I give them their space.
[] I'd hold the door open for them.
[/] I'd thank them whenever they did something nice for me.
[] I refrain from looking at other cute people while I'm with that special someone.
[] When I eat at their house, I try to eat as much of it as I can, even if it's nasty. Have to be polite!
[/] When "meeting the parents", I try to be on my best behavior.
[/] I would never pressure them to do something they didn't want to do.
[] If someone threatens to hurt them, they'll have to go through ME first!
[/] If they ask me for an opinion on something and I don't like it, I'll be honest but nice.
[] If my sweetie gets a haircut that I hate, I'd support them anyway.
Total so far: 4 (hahas im so not romatic~ like who cares anw)

[/] I'm very compassionate.
[/] If we hit a rough patch, I'll try to talk it out instead of just ending it.
[] If my date saw something cheap that they wanted and they had no money, I'd happily buy it for them if I had the cash.
[] I would very much enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner with my partner.
[] I'm not afraid of commitment.
[/] I'd try to get to know their friends.
[/] If they say they need space, I'd gladly back off for a bit and give them the time they need.
[/] Cheating?! I've never done that and never will! Disgusting!
[/] I would never flirt with other people behind my significant other's back.
[] If I did cheat for some reason, I'd be so guilty and tell them immediately.
Total so far: 6

[/] I enjoy spicing up the relationship by going out on dates every once in a while instead of sitting inside.
[/] If my partner said we need to fix some things in our relationship, I'd listen and try to make amends.
[] If my partner really wanted to see a movie I thought looked totally dull, I'd go with them anyway.
[/] I'd skip seeing my favorite band live to visit my significant other in the hospital if they got hurt.
[] If someone hurts them, they hurt me too!
[] I'm the type who would randomly show up to your door with flowers and chocolates, just to say I love you. (DUUH!)
[/] I NEVER forget anniversaries!
[/] I don't care if they're in pajamas or a sexy outfit; they'd still look wonderful to me.
[] Even if they gained 100 pounds, I can still see myself loving them. (i dont think so haha )
Total so far: 5

[] I'd walk 10 miles to see them for just 10 minutes.
[] If they were moving away and I really loved them, I'd try anything to make the relationship work.
[] I've written songs/poems for a significant other before, and I'd do it again.
[/] I'd never talk about an ex in front of my sweetie. I know they wouldn't want to hear about that, unless it's bad!
[/] I wouldn't mind dressing down and using my manners to please their parents.
[] I've cooked for a lover before and I'd do it again.
[] If they got sick, I'd try to take care of them as much as possible.
[] I've written a love letter before and I'd do it again.
[] Valentine's Day is my FAVORITE holiday! Yay romance!
[] There's nothing sweeter than kissing the one you love. (toinks almost all ppl do it)
Total so far: 2

1-10: Erm... well, you definitely wouldn't make a good partner in my opinion. Why don't you try to take it up a notch or two on the romance scale?
11-20: Definitely not a great partner, but we're getting there!
21-30: In the middle. You'd make a fine partner, but there's still some room for improvement.
31-40: You're getting there! You seem to be a very romantic individual. You're not overly romantic, but that's just fine, because not everyone is looking for someone overly romantic.
41-49: Ah, you're pretty much perfect! I bet there's a line of people waiting to date you!
50: PERFECTION! If you're a guy and single, I want you ;)! Seriously, you're the ideal mate!

haha i belong to 11-20 HAHA!! so who cares~ i dont have any experience yet on being such a lovesick looney haha

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