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im so pissed off with our former ******* teacher named ****** (name censored due for protection) which is now the ***** of our **** ****

it all started when me and ghadiz decided to give it a try joining in the **** ****... we walk our way to the faculty room and talk to our @#$%@ teacher, we then said if we could join then she somewhat said that there is a test conducted so you would be an official member (yes i know its the rules in the school but you could at least disregard it for a change) in our school paper (yes. ok fine ill tell) but to bad she said were late..and then she also said in an alter shock (heading to foot us) "OH MY GOD! you joining in **** ****" WHY I COULD HAVE PULLED OUT EVERY STRAND OF HER HAIR if weren't that tolerant and honestly i dunno which she was faced at and if it was me or both of me and ghadiz she was talking too!! but im pretty sure i am DAMN pissed off!!

she is so like insulting us and discriminating us! lemme give you a piece of my brain before you rant me something like that! i do think that not all with brains can do creative wonders! and as if i would write something in the columns like essays! PUH-LEAZE! i just wanna take part in designing the layout.. the to think of it you yourself ask me last school year if i would like to join... and even if im not that smart and i know i think i wouldnt pass the test that look like that of an entrance exams in college but at least i KNOW i can do it and i KNOW i have a talent in something like that!

you should at least give people with average brains a change in participating in that acitivity and not just throwing them out cause were just average!!! i did look at the list of all the members and all were top-nochers... (im not agrivated by that cause ive read there essays and its damn good.. ) what i was ranting about was our previous ******* teacher who didnt even take a damn look at us and give us a chance!!! for gosh sakes! FIND someone who could do it and not by just passing on some BORING TEST! fickle minded!! THIS IS SOO UNFAIR!

YOU ARE SO BIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why is it only popular and smart are the only ones accepted in this damn society!!! why dont you give a chance to those people who are "NOT KNOWN" cause there maybe like what we call a "HIDDEN TALENT" give people a chance!!! and not just people with brains!!!

this is my blog and i have the rights to publish anything i want (and yes, i know my limits) BUT! YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHTS TO BRING IT OUR IN THE OPEN!

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