1st mastery test

thank god its finally over! hahas...
i feel a lot better .. im so blank faced.. after our monthly test. some of my schoolmates go out while me .. im sitting infront of the computer pigging out eating junkfood i feel so pathetic

im going to edit this post later... bleks..

ISABEL PANA!! TAG ME! HAHA BLEKS! the N with "~" at the top haha

due to request of my friend isabel pana ill put her picture here for everybody to see. hahas..

just kidding.. !

so anw... im super tired!.. ive been racking my brains since the test

calculus test is SO DAMN HARD! its all NUBMERS!

JULY 3, 2008

P.S i dont know anymore what to blog about.. since nothing seems coming out of the ordinary haiiz... so im gonna let you see some snapshots last July 3, 2008 on the birthday of Imee where she treat us all at sparkys and including our food haha

here is the picture of some rides

its my first time riding that thing and unfortunetly i ended up screaming instead of laughing.. cause i thought the ride is just a piece of cake but to my suprise its more than a cake anw.. im not the only one feeling woozing.. i mean Laila almost puke herself which is much more worser than mine

anw we went to sparkys or geants right after our college review... Imee treat us all in Mcdo and sparky rides! gosh! they are so rich!

i mean she treat us all! a PACK! namely: isabel, hazel, emerald, me, laila, laila's bro, my lil bro, raichelle and heaven

my lil bro isnt supposed to be there.. but my mom forced me to let him come along or i wont be allowed to enter sparkys

from left to right: hazel, isabel, heaven, imee and emerald (stucked-opened-mouth) hahas
me and laila sitting at the back

What a MESS!!! thats our mess! and while eating Mcdo

left-right: laila (the blurry shadow), imee, heaven and rachelle and me (behind the lense)

the JAMAICA! you might think its not that scary... but hell yeah for me it IS! its super fast that i have to brace myself

THE FLIPOUT! that thing tumbles! and thats what makes it worthwhile and scary

line up!

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