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the announcement of winners will be announced tomorrow and also the banners
sorry for the inconvenience, im kinda busy right now hope ya'll will understand


new set of smilies in my tagboard deleted the smilies like the ones the same as agnes
added new affie [www.milkypoop.co.nr]


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ATTENTION: do not rip the smilies of my blog!! find it your own on some random sites!


some people really are really too oblivious and too stubborn to notice!! which really pisses me off!! like why bother saying something that would make a person more insecure of herself/himself even if you say something like "hey you look like * ***" (ps that is just an example) LIKE DUH! does saying that thing helps a person?!?! HELL NO! your making her/him more INSECURE OF herself/hiself!!! i think ive been said by that like saying "*** **** **** * ***" i was like GET OUTTA HERE! who need you! like did i ask you to judge me like that! and i know it already!! NO NEED TO POINT IT OUT *#$&!@!!!! why is saying that to me improves myself?!?!? why bother saying it!!!! huh?!?!?! YOU ARE SOOO oblivious!!! i know my FLAWS perfectly FINE! and you dont have to say it to me and you dont have the right to JUDGE ME LIKE THAT WHEN YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ME!!!!

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