look here

see my disclaimer section
take a look at that hearts with cursor at both sides and blog url code
... that thing i saw from xiaorene blog here is the screenshot of hers

take a look a here..

quite the same right?


and this is mineand now... i design that thing by myself but pixels i think got form puremilky? or lovelycore? or sugarpink? i dunno i forgot .. but go look a tit yourself xiaorene says you could find that thing at http://www.puremilky.com/ well.... you could only find the pixels and the codes below the one with the url YOU COULD NOT FIND THEM TOGETHER!!! ive been using that thing long before i hosted the contest and long before i declared xiaorene as 4th place in my SOTM JUNE!!!

and now she tells me that she didnt got from mine! obviously she go to my blog and look at it well.. lets say she thinks it nice so find out a way to have something like that like mine DUH!

i dont care a DAMN! if your forced to credit cause i had too! and you said you tell people to credit you cause they use for thing? right? well.. thats what im doing now!!! i tell you to credit me cause you are using my thing also!!! and did i say to give me your password? huh?! what are you overreacting? did i say to credit your whole blog to me?! NO!! i just said to credit me that hearts thing with codes below cause i believe you got it from ME!

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