why is there so many copycats roaming around in blogspot..


anw if use my blog as an inspiration of ours please credit back like what bianca (http://www.cuddle-me-please.co.nr/)
please credit back here... for inspiration

im glad bianca credit me back for inspirations pwehh..

crediting people doesnt take up to 1/2 space of your BLOG! only a little bit but why are so people so stubborn...

byerz.. people

to xiaorene

everybody knows you get mine as inspiration the one in hearts and arrows at both sides with blog url code below.. bahhhsss.. so thats why people mistaken you rip from mine
but i dont wanna discuss that again! im awfully tired but as long as i know the truth
it doesnt matter anymore...


for those people who join the SOTM of july im canceling in now.. so dont join anymore
and take off the banners... i dont wanna host any other contest and freebies
and also the button reqest page im gonna put it down

cause its been dragging people in here and copying stuffs then not credit

sorry for the inconvinence

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