$1,625 for a ripped t-shirt w/ holes

i saw this at a blog i subsribe and i just thought that the price is CRAZY....!!!

it has a pricetag of $1,625 for just a cotton ripoff t-shirt with holes!

INSANITY!! you could actually make one yourself! buy a green shirt at cut holes right through it!

or throw it to a bunch of hungry lions or tigers and BAM! there you have it!

a green ripoff shirt

it said to be that the designer of this ridiculous shirt is Christophe Decarnin

Talk about a ripoff. A cotton T-shirt covered with dozens of holes and tears is taking high-end fashion to a whole new level - with a tidy $1,625 price tag.
French designer Christophe Decarnin is the mastermind behind the expensive olive-green number from haute couture brand Balmain.
It has been described as "stylishly disheveled cool" by luxury fashion retailer net-a-porter.com, but has economy-conscious New Yorkers thinking otherwise.


  1. Cooooooool. $1,625 for a ripped t-shirt? I can't belieeeeve >.< Haha

  2. wow. no way im gonna buy that!

  3. not only it's shit expensive,
    the holes are also placed in a totally fugly place, it looks like a face of some super sick people just before vomitting

    and also somehow like a piece of rag actually~

    but generally it's a nice idea

    as for mini skirts, up to now I haven't worn any without tights (not really the point, since I'm wearing without tights when it's really warm)

    what I don't like is a wide cleavage. I never wear things with wide collars

  4. LOL so pwede ko palang isuot ung basahan namin xD

    baka naman ginto ung sinulid xD

  5. lol..amputa nmn ng butas butas n damit n un.mukang pangiskwater n damit.kahahaha!!XD xD!nowayyy bibili ako nyan.npakapanget nmn yan..fuck!hahaha!!ung designer kasi mukang squatter..kaya pangsquatter din mga damit nya!XD xD!1

    butasan m n lng mga damit m imbis n gumastos k pa para lng jan s crappy ass na damit n yan!pshh!lol >___<"ngdamit k pa..butasbutas naman.wth!!XD

  6. LOL npakamahal! feeling ko tuloy halatang desperado kumita ang designer nito hahaha ^_^

  7. uo nga eh! HAHAHHA! langyang damit n yan. crazzzzyyyyyy

  8. WEIRDO ang twg s mga taong gnyan!kahahahaa!! XD xD!!

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  11. what I don't like is a wide cleavage. I never wear things with wide collars

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