Romantic Island

Yesterday, i watched romantic island korean movie which they filmed it in boracay it's so darn funny HAHA! specially in the scene at the taxi cab since the korean dude's english is like so-so , some reasons why i watched it is because i was so intrigued by the cast includes: Eugene, you might know her from Wonderful life and Lee Seon-gyoon from Coffee Prince.

& i so love the soundtracks used in this movie especially those instrumental ones

It tells a story of 6 adults whom went for a vacation to Boracay to escape from problems and daily routine. The vacation turns up to be a memorable one, which brings a powerful impact to their life and leads them to find love.
credits: newz-blog.com

i ordered something online, i just can't wait for it to be shipped here! WOOOOO! yeah. it's my first time buying online so i really hope it will turn out really great

smilies from Wyona


  1. i think maganda tong movie na to im gonna watch this one @@ pag nakakita ko kung saan pede makakuha ng cd or pwedeng ma download online

  2. i saw the trailer... philippines nga! may magnanakaw eh xD
    i'll gonna try this movie, lalo na ng malaman kong andito si lee sung gyun!


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