finally there's saizen in the philippines! i've just recently heard about this one just now through a beauty blog

Saizen is like the Authorized Philippine Retailer of Daiso-Sangyo Inc., Japan

when i read the word "Daiso" i got so excited cause whenever i jump from one blog to another i always read them blogging about Daiso and what they bought from the store.


Saizen means "best choice" in japan and it offers authethic Daiso products and i think everything is made in japan and the words are in japanese O.o since i don't undestand a bit of japanese i'm gonna bring my japanese friend along hahaha.... just kidding

i like to go by myself though :) i hope i could find the Cure Natural AquaGel that bubzbeauty has been vlogging about

it's located in Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas. It's like really far from where i am residing now but nothing seems far when you can take the mrt and hail a cab, right? hahaha!

can somone say cute? you can buy this at ninjaneko.multiply.com

she also has the whole range of bb creams (skin79, missha, brtc and many others)

and laneige too! song hye kyo is so pretty!

and this wallet, i really like it! its really simple but it has a touch of elegance


  1. sayang naman! i visited that site and it has the planner i was looking for a long time , the problem is closed na TT^TT

    lol at the rabbit blanket, bagay sa mga internet addicts xD

  2. whoa I like that blue blanket, it's kawaii ;D

  3. Hey, happen to stumble onto your blog! Really really cute blog and followed ya ;)
    I love the pink blanket! But it looks like cat ears... wish they were bunny ears and I would have bought it by now :P

  4. naku is this true!!! my mom will be the happiest person na nyan!!! haha because when she was still living in japan mahilig siya mag daiso magaganda kase mga stuffs sa mga ganun and affordable pa


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