Why 87% of the dogs die too early

find out why 87% of the dogs die too early & 3 easy things you can do to stop it from happening.

SHOCKING!. yeah i have a dog but it's not with me and i haven't seen her for about 1 year already well.. hopefully i think im gonna see my dog next month! :)

(image: curry-chan)

Who wants JEAN LEGGINGS!!!!

jeggings! me want <3 i actually tried one of those jeggings one time when i saw it at the mall it's so comfy to wear. I think its made of denim like a skinny jeans that is stretchable and.. geddit?

it looks so cool especially if you wear it with heels and its so comfy to wear!! i personally dont like leggings but this is different!

today, me and & my friend with her little cousin will watch "ALICE AND THE WONDERLAND" today! i have been really looking forward to watching it ever since i saw the trailer!

i just don't get it my sister fall asleep at the cinema when she was watching it with her friends. Is the movie that boring?


  1. oh yea. I have a pair of jeggings. It's easy to wear. and it's really comfortable. :) haha...

  2. whoaa I really want to watch Alice in the wonderland >_< but I don't have time cause I gonna have my mid-exam x-x *jealous

  3. The jeans leggings look-ed so cool :D I like it too!
    Wow, saizen ? Looked like they have a lot kawaii stuff.


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.