Missha hauls

Went to SM north annex to visit MISSHA! when i went there, i didn't plan to buy anything since i just want to look around and probably buy something there next month

but haiizzzz... those saleladies (-.-) they made me sit in a chair and made me try the missha perfect cover bb cream. I was so damn superised of the outcome resulting me to buy their product not to mention they said i have jungle brows so they straightened it for me *yeah i love my brows now*

but i was really pleased the saleslady are so friendly & they have knowledge about the product unlike some other saleslady there at other cosmetic stores *cough* *cough* who only knows how to follow around.

Missha Perfect cover bb cream no. 21

with one pump, you can achieve full coverage covering all your blemishes, red spots and what not also it has SPF 42 ++

don't know what to say anymore, i just love this bb cream! some blogs says the cons is the oil control.

well...not for me. :) i have dry plus sensitive skin and it work fine for me.


got these for free!!

i think these are trial sizes (is that a word)? sorry i seem to forgot the right word for it haha!

okay... the reason why i bought another bb cream is because my elianto bb cream splattered all over my bag! >_< and when i was squeezing the tube it was already empty whats worse that the cream stick to hard on the bag that it's so hard to wash it off.

read blushhh baby's review on missha perfect cover bb cream


so tomorrow, (you got that right! we have classes on SUNDAY) for my NSTP class we are going to pandacan for a community service in a very very hot summer day! but idk anyways, i'm actually looking forward to it!

and i feel like i'm going to get really tan cause we are gonna be explosed in the blazing sun and all that UV rays is going to make me tan

NEW LAYOUT! hahaha.. i made it just now so i would be more inspired to blog


  1. nice nice!!...XD paship yan lahat hir ok??wahaha!!no no kidding lng..unless u want to...XD XD hahaa!ankulit!..

  2. @ guigui: WAHAHA :)) pag bday mo bhezzi. surprise n lng ;) try mo yung leole (di aq sure s spelling) bb cream meron daw yun sa states

  3. How much po yung Perfect Cover? Please reply po. Thank you.


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.