Formspring questions.

i was really flattered of what you guys wrote in my formspring. It really made me smile in my very stressful college days. I didn't expect that i still have my loyal readers with me cause ever since i didn't blog for like a really long time my traffic drop tremendously :(

@supercupcake: awww.. thanks. i'm really flattered!

for more replys you can visit my formspring account :)

so tomorrow im going to etude house after my geometry class, i will try to make a purchase and blog about it probably im gonna do a review of the product


  1. Thanks Steph!
    I can't wait for the actual movie of alice in wonderland too! Hehs. :)

    And wow you dyed your hair really light brown! It looks real nice!

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Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.