had fun at starcity!

first and foremost, my body aches all over especially my arms! - i think it's because i hold on too much on the safety bars on all of the rides :))

its a bad timing we went to starcity yesterday cause the 3 most exciting rides are undergoing maintenace like the zyclone loop, surf dance & flying carpet but nevertheless it's still fun!

before they open they had this dance thingy hahha! the snowman ! so cute

my blockmates riding on the star flyer at first i was a little hesitant cause i heard that someone died while riding this then come to think of it life is short - so i cowardly ride the star flyer while shutting my eyes close.

and well.. it's not so bad! then i tried it the 2nd time again, this time without shutting my eyes hahahaha!! IT WAS SUPER FUN! seriously.. i just don't get it why some others don't want to ride it.

hunted house! big floop. i thought there will be like walking ghost and scaring us all but then there were only lame ass controlled manikins. *They say it would only happen sometimes.

star flyer @ night.

i think we rode like EVERY single ride including the wild river that makes us all wet (haizz) also the snow world! *it was fun the ice slides and everything when i went out my nose and cheeks were all red and my feet went numb.

then there are some of those people who try to act all cool by not wearing any jacket when they went inside ¬ gosh. it's not even cool at all.... it's super super cold inside like your inside a big ass huge freezer.... i could even last there for 30 minutes.

and yeah. we went there yesterday...


my mom isn't here with us now but she will arrive in philippines about next week or if my mom manage to get a flight ticket to get here.

--if there are any wrong grammars and spellings. sorry hahaha im a little tired to check it up again.


  1. hello? di excuse ang tired sa wrong grammar/s mo! *my body aches all over especially my arms* ano ka? hiwalay ba ang body at arms mo??

    ano ka aswang?
    tsaka di ibig sabhin di nag jacket sa snow world eh NAGPAPA COOL EFFECT un helloooo...

    kami nga ni geraldine di nag jacket, why? sino sino na kaya ang NAGSUSUOT ng jacket na yan.

    mga pawis ng tao nag halo halo na dyan ewwwwwwwwwwww :/ kaya mas maganda magdala ng sariling jacket na lang.



    si mama nagmamadali nga lumabas kasi sobrang lamig. duhhhh

  2. @ate lyra aka wisted soul

    edi kasi nmn. nakita ko eh halos manigas na sa lamig nuh.. duh.
    edi anu ggwin mo sa loob?

    pano ka mag slide kung hindi nag jacket ha?

    nu yun nag tatambay sa loob?

    oo nga may sariling jacket.
    e yung lalakeng nakita ko halos manigas na nka shorts ma helllo!! e kung nandidiri xa

    edi wag na lang pumasok d b?
    naka t-shirt lng at shorts
    sinu bang nasa tamang pagiisip para pumasok dun at nka shorts lng

    gamitin nmn din kasi yung utak!

    -- kasi nmn kya si mama nagmamadali sa loob e in the first place di nmn kasi pwede mga asthmatic loob ng napakalamig place nuh lalo na yung malaking freezer thingy

    duh ... hello din sau.

    bleh. kala mo ah blek blek

  3. wow that's fun :D
    hope your arms are better right now :)
    oh and happy bday to your mom :D <3

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