Etude House haul & review

YEY!! finally bought some etude house products. these are just some few things i bought. The items are mostly skincare line rather than the make-up cosmetics.

O2 white mask (Php 498)
this thing works like magic!! before i purchase this product, i did a search about etude house bestsellers and reviews then i heard from a blog that this mask will make your skin white in as fast as 1-2 minutes. I did a hand swatch at etude house then remove the mask after 2 minutes and guess what..............

i was in utter SHOCK!!! this is why i love korean cosmetics and their skincareline so much! their products are superb! have you noticed the difference? if not. it's probably because of the camera or the lightning. During the process you can atually feel the tingling feeling as it reacts through your skin and note that you can only use this 2-3 times a week

but before you buy this product i just wanna say that it's only temporary since skin grows and dies then the top layer of your skin will eventually shed off blah blah blah science stuff. So yeah, whitening products doesn't last long or it isn't forever

but i didn't regret buying this though since it keeps my skin hyrdated, brightens and evens out my skin tone.

- rapid changes of your skin in as fast as 1-2 minutes
- it makes my skin hydrated
- brightens
- and evens out my skin tone

- i personally don't like the smell
- whitening would wore of eventually

Happy Teatime in Aloe tea Cleansing foam
(Php 148)

rating: 5/5
i seriously love this product! i was really tempted to buy this because it's so cheap! it's only Php 148 and the tube is big (hahaha) i don't know how to explain, i don't know how much ml/g it is since i don't read korean but as you can see from the picture it's really big and full (awkward sentence used) it's 150 ml. not only that it's cheap but the quality is really good! *thumbs up*

anyways, i really love this cleanser! it has a really nice smell also it moisturze, revitalize and refreashes your face giving you a squecky clean face.

The line consists of the following teas:
- Aloe Tea (for moisturizing)
- Milk Tea (for softening)
- Peach Tea (for brightening)
- Green Tea (for clarifying)
- Lemon Tea (for revitalizing)

Greentea nose and Black charcoal chin pack (Php 38)

first and foremost, the PACKAGING is so cute! then again, i really love this! it removed my blackheads. While i put this in my nose i could smell the green tea and i could feel it working in my skin. I've tried out those regular nose strips but when i peel them off it leaves like white marks but not this.After peeling it off my chin and around my nose feels so smooth! (or is it just me) but it's kinda painful when you peel it off but doesn't matter.


After you purchase their products they will give you this Lee Min ho transparent folder (or what i would like to call)

while i was browsing through the net they say they will give you a Lee min ho poster!

poster my ass! guys! this is not a poster, acutally its like a folder of some sort something like that, see my fingers? you can actually see it right through them.

yey! for free membership card! :) you can avial this if you purchase Php 500 worth of products


  1. I really wanna get the happy teatime cleanser but I'm scared it my cause me to breakout. Is it really worth buying?

  2. i wish i have etude over here!!

    i want their prods so much.

    great post!!

    i'm having a giveaway. if you have time, drop by!


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