the i-want-to-buy or to-do list

Two. Get a pair of contact lenses (i've took a step further and have realized that i shouldn't be limiting myself due to getting scared and all so yeah.... i'm getting myself some lenses)-.-

** but i've descided to purchase them online since it's much cheaper and well... geo circle lenses are nice!! they make your eyes or iris appear bigger...

since this is for daily use ....

still choosing between this

and this

although if you look at it, there's no difference between the three. Anyways, i don't know if i should get it in 14.2 , 14.5 or 14.8 in dm

they say the bigger the circle lenses the hard it is for the eyes to breathe. :(

three.  Etude house Code B gel liner (i would really love to get my hands on this since it's water proof therefore smudge free!!!)

four. Etude house Face designing brightener

five. Etude house Aqua Sherbert Toner

six. Etude house Moistfull essence-in primer

seven. Etude house precious mineral bb cream

although i have my missha perfect cover bb cream already i feel like this is more lightweight.

**it doesn't really matter to me if i wouldn't be able to buy my want list numbers 5-7 as long as i would be able to repair my lappy & buy contact lenses....


why the hell i'm so active in blogging lately..... maybe because i'm stuck in this hell hole for like a week now! i can't wait to get to overnight at my friend's place my lappy needs repair! T^T

if only my lappy is not broken then maybe i wouldn't get bored here. I'm using desktop computer and my sister is going to use it anytime soon because of projects and i'm left in the bed watching movies


  1. Blingg. Hope your wishes come true. LOL

  2. dming wishes ahhh...share ur blessins nmn steppy..hahaha!! XD xD

  3. you really love etude house. so you bought items online? nice :D


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.