DJ Max fever

I'm sure a lot of you psp users here knows the famous game "DJ MAX". If not then i don't know what century you are in (just kidding). I just love playing DJ MAX even if i don't have psp :( i just borrowed one of my friend's psp and played in for hours, i don't even think he minds .. maybe he's just too nice.. i think i'm abusing his kindness like anyways what are friends for if not abused. (HAHAHA)

i super like playing and listening to "First kiss", "Blyth", "Clear Blue sky" and "Oblivion" but i could only play it in a speed of not more than 3.0x (i'm still one of those beginngers)

My blockmates slash friends could play it in a speed of 8.0x ... i mean like wtf i couldn't even see a single bar. I salute you all people who could play it in that speed!

and whenever i visit Timezone, i always go play in DJ MAX technika if not in Guitar Heros but i rather play it with my friends with less people cause they always tend watch and it's making me concious (I'm not that good in playing)

In Timezone the gameplay looks like this, It's touchscreen .. yeah super love! If only i were a Millionare and have like millions and millions of money i would love to have this thing in my room!! bwahaha

pic: credits to google.


  1. sorry di me naglalaro ng psp kaya di me alam ito ehhheeh. wala me hilig dyan since i'm old para maglaro pa ng psp.

  2. a bit late but

    can you please post a pic of your hair!

    wanna see the color so badly !^^

    have a sweet day !^^

  3. Hi Stephanie. Can I know how did you manage your rebonded hair (last time) to last straight for 1 year ? :) Have a nice day !


  4. Omg, hi!
    You love DJ Max too? :D
    Okay, ps. I'm a 'lil bit hyper. ><
    Technika rawks too! :3
    By the way, you play technika? O:
    If so, can tell me your card name?
    THANK YOU. ;mua.

  5. @ Shirley
    hi shirley :) actually it's not really that high maintenance.. i never put any products in my hair but during the first 2-4 months i never tie up my hair in a ponytail :D

    i think that's basically just it btw when i sleep i put my hair in my pillow away from my face to prevent like those lumps or something. i dont really know what you call it :D

    right now .. it's been like over 6 months but my hair is still in good condition except that its dry..

    you also have to do hair treatment in your hair every month so it wont dry and damage your hair

  6. @ ailing

    haha sure but when im not lazy hahah :D

    @ erica
    sadly, i don't have the technika card :( i just play the game for fun


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.