POV: Bonamana

It's been a long time since i blogged again i guess because of this college stuffs. To be honest, maybe i'm just too tired to blog because i have nothing to say out of my busy day in college, it seems like everyday is always the same routine like school - home -study -school - home - study

yeah. the story of my life.

but today, i just want to be honest with myself, this is regarding about Super Junior's new song "BONAMANA" (Minah). Don't get me wrong though I'm like a huge fan of Super Junior but you can never escape to the fact that theres always this time when you don't find one of their song that appealing or catchy.

As for me, their song "BONAMANA". I'm sorry to say this but everytime i listen to the song my reaction never fails to be like this -> 

When i watch their music video (with eng sub) my reaction was like that also so i thought maybe their live version  is much more nicer than that so i downloaded their live performance in Show show show. i just stare blankly at the screen.

i have reasons, it's just that most of their vocals especially at the first part is like techno edited. I like "It's You",  "Sorry Sorry" & SuJu M's "Super Girl" more but not minah. sorry

okay. nufff said

i was also listening to Lee Hyori's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang actually this is the first song i've ever listened that was sung by Hyori. I've heard about her since then that she was famous and all but never get to listen to her sing.

I was completely blown off when i heard the music and saw her live performance.

this song is like stuck in my head for days and keep playing over and over again! i just love the song! no wonder hyori is so famous!

eh nuff about the kpop stuffs, before i end this blog entry, i just wanna share you all this really cool super realistic 3D image of Jurassic Park

so fckin awesome right! felt like it's coming out of my screen!

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  1. Hi Hi Steph :)
    Leehyori's song is really great! ^^
    Oh, and the last picture is so realistic ><


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.