seriously... FML

this has been like the most burn out days of my entire life! seriously, if you study in MAPUA, here... we have no vacation.

so to all upcoming freshmen enjoy your 2 months vacation cause once you got in the stressful days starts there, you have like 0 vacation and only like 1-2 weeks semester break.

Supposedly, we should have 1 month vacation this June but was cancelled due to some unknown reason, as expected from the school they always do something that would shock us students like for example the outrageous Sunday make-up classes!

i'm super envious of other universities out there, they have like 1 month break while us.... we don't have. VACATION is not in our school's dictionary. FML! seriously i need a fcking break.

i need to go out more often without worrying the due dates of these damn projects!

end of /rant.

As promised, my hair color i've been ranting about in my so previous blog entry last month. It might not show up much in the picture but this haircolor is perfect if your sporting for Jessica of SNSD haircolor.

In my case, i still need to lighten it up more so the color will be that light cause mine is a bit dark since i just do the DIY, it would be better if i let my hair dyed in a salon.

speaking of that... this semester break, i'm planning to get a digital perm and this time i'm dead serious. I'm going to get it done in "Tony & Jackey" which is the famous korean salon here in the Philippines.

T & J never disappointed me unlike many other salons out there. I just got their new leaflet 2 days ago. One of my friends got his haircut done there which i recommended it to him *ahem* . As usually it came out really damn nice!

the reason why i really really want to get it done as soon as possible because they have a promo, their promo has been going around for like a year already but i'm really scared that they wouldn't have the promo on the next 3 months cause i just visited and their salon and the promo for girl's haircut is over already which means girl's haircut will be back to php 500 and not php 300 and

i'm afraid that would happen to the digital perm promo as well cause if they did the price will be back to 6,500 which probably i'm going to faint.... that huge amount of money is no joke.

i will be going for their package 3 which consist of a setting/digital perm, hair manicure, hair treatment plus haircut all for php 3,000

okay...some other stuffs:

so many damages and scratches already *sob*

i love my eco-friendly notebook! you only need 1 of these babies in college. i don't know in other countries but here this is all you need!

lovin' my new perfume! i just love the smell of this! i got tired of bench's perfume they all wore off in 10 mins tops!


  1. OMG I also want to dye my hair!!!

    I will do it without my parents' permission one day!

    Your hair color looks really cool!

    For myself I just want dark brown hair, it doesn't even need to be bright!

    But Jessica's hair is really cool!
    I love her fringe, it's absolute perfect!

    I want to have the same fringe is her, but I just don't know how~

    Btw is their a difference between digital perm and normal perm?
    I want curly hair as well, but I'm afraid it'll turn out like someone who just reached into a poiwer point.

  2. @ailing:

    actually theres a difference.

    normal/regular perm looks like this: http://www.naturallycurly.com/images/articles/perms0305/perm.jpg

    it looks really sucky. its like really tight curly

    the digital perm would look like this:



    somehow like natural big loose curls. like one of those korean hair

  3. wawa nmn phone m..gasgas gasgas na..prng nrun kinutkut ng daga.ahaha!! XD astig p nmn phone m :) :)

  4. astig ng haircolor m..ngkulay n me ng hair kahapon.dark auburn.hihihi kc pglight auburn..ewan ko ahaha!!baka nextym ^^

  5. @guigui:
    uo nga eh hahahaha xD
    waaa! gusto ko ng light auburn!! kaso wlang light auburn dito kkasar! amp. wlang stocks daw kya sabi nung sales lady sakin pwede daw yung strawberry blonde alternative sa light auburn

  6. o??..un nga sana gusto ko pero feeling ko mgiging blonde buhok ko.ahaha!ok sana panghighlights..hihihi pero still itry ko strawberry blonde..pg ginamit m yun sa dark auburn..light brown ba ang kalabasan?..

    may light auburn d2.hehehe..^^

  7. i've been wanting to try box dyes to dye my hair haha XD

    the amount of paper university and high school kids go through is amazing. here we need a separate book/folder for each subject... ><"

    it sucks how you don't get your vacation! i just finished exams and i still have 2 weeks of school left =="

    i didn't comment on your last post.. so i'm gonna write it here (:
    at first i was super excited for bonamana, but after hearing it I was like "WHYYY HIDE THOSE BEAUTIFUL VOICES?!"
    watching the live performances made me like the song more though. it sounds a lot better live rather than all the autotuned voices XD
    it makes me smile like crazy when i listen to it now (:
    lee hyori is amazing! she's 30 or something now, isn't that amazing!?

  8. @guigui: oo, light brown xa. pero pag matapat sa sun at camera flash.. magiging reddish brown :D

  9. What hair dye did you used to get this color?


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.