first day of class

my first day of class was a BUMMER!!!

the SGB decided to split 3 sections between us and descided to combine girls & boys ()... its okay for me but the way they split it in thirds isnt... huhuhu i miss all my friends... today i felt like lonesome shit

& just before recess the teachers & principal decised to take us home due to some curcuit break in one of the aiconditioners

speaking of aircons and rooms.. im freakinly pissed of on our CLASSROOM!!! like were already in highschool and our classroom is beside that of the gradeschoolers in one floor.. i miss anex building!! speaking of that now anex building is currently occupied by 6th graders!!! PISSED!!!!!! anex building and 6th graders dont go well together... school graders are way clumsy and they could fall off the stairs just like that... they like running around in circles and schoolgraders and stairs also dont go well together!!

we 4th year highschool students should be in that anex building.!! !!!

anw me and my friends went to the canteen to get some L,G,H,E,I got really cool outfit with a some sort of blouse? anw.. i fully cant describe it but me? the most unusual i wear a shirt that says Little miss shy w/ a pedal and flipflops ensemble... like what the horror! today is so hot that you have to put your hair in pigtails... like from now on... ill wear my hair in pigtails!! uuhmm... except in winter of course haha

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