2nd day of class

my 2nd day was pretty much like my most unlucky day! ever!! urgghhh!!! anw SHIT HAPPENS

we had this grouping and unfortunetly i landed in group 4 which is im the only girl for now i was quite introverted due to uhmmm... uhhh... lets just say that im not really that keen, clever, shrewd, nifty, canny, cool or smooth to report something infront but i do know that when it comes to powerpoint presentations i luckly have the talent to make it more interesting so i hope everybody would trust me when i do it since im the leader (ps i hate being the leader)
i was planning to involve more of like a animation pictures or flash cause images are pretty boring and DULL! and there are quite few pictures of an el fili in the net so im going to make my self one with the help of my insane lil bro. hopeful it would be a success..

tomorrow.. well... arghh! i hate were im sitting at the class. i want to go back to the seat where beside me is a wall and like few meters from the aircon..

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