Diagnostic test

today was our Diagnostic test it really isnt that serious cause it wouldnt be recoreded that why when the "Calculus Test" came over i just randomly answer cause i freakinly dont know what i would do with those numbers..
first we took the English, Computer, Social Science, Filipino and Calculus

after the diagnostic test we went over to 4th diligent to stop over and look around then eventually we help Ma'am M. to check the papers afterwards we went back to our classroom with some of my friends then go and play piano (with permission cause we arnt really allowed to play piano)
and btw Diane play piano so nice she knows the how to piano the "E Zou Jou" in It Started With A Kiss Taiwanese Drama and she teach me how to do it and also let me have the chords for that weee.... so excited to see and play

just between our teaching lessons the boys begun to distract us shouting like a bunch of sixth graders and turning off the lights so then we turn it on again and they come shouting and turn the lights off

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