.. i dont know what to blog but this day i feel lonesome
first and formost i dont wanna talk about it here
and last cause i think that saying it here just dont make a point..

definetly i miss my bestfriend lorraine (in canada now) & isadora (phil) i wish to see them and have a long happy talk of whats been going on in our life

when i go visit iligan city i will go and see isadora my bestie and go to jollibee and go to LSA (my previous school which ive been there for almost 5 and a half years)

when lorraine my bhezzi arrive here in phil. then we could go out shopping like visit Ocean Park and MOA and have bonding moments lorraine & me

look here:

so cute huh? i get it from here: isa.e-m.org

Finish the Sentence Survey

:1: Today was... not my day
:2: My best friend and I have this really funny inside joke... and our sides split
:3: I really hate... bitchy people
:4: Right now, I hear...the singing bee program song
:5: On nice days, I'm usually...in my room beside the computer
:6: I'm listening to... realize song by colbie caillat
:7: Man, I can't stand when people... talk behind my back and especially when im there and too obvious that what their talking about is me
:8: The last vacation I went on was to... go swimming in timoga
:9: I'm really sad that I lost my... black & white angklet that bhezzi gave me
:10: Today, this person had the nerve to... talk about me like that (person refering to another)
:11: My mom always wanted... too look the house uptight, neat and order
:12: My best friend told me today that... supersecret..bleh
:13: The last thing I had for lunch was... some kind of beef
:14: I currently... got many homeworks and books to cover
:15: One time, I was at the mall and... nothing happened
:16: My best friend has... extraordinary personality and attitude that i cant find in others
:17: When it snows, I like to... it doesnt snow here
:18: My ethnicities are... common?
:19: I get really offended when... someone judges me and talks to me harshly and yet they didnt even know
:20: One thing people label me as is... snob
:21: People usually assume that I... am a snob
:22: But in reality, I... aint a snob at all i just dont talk to people whom i barely know
:23: I had the weirdest dream about... someone
:24: This morning, I woke up because... i need too and its time for school
:25: One noise that really annoys me is... the TV noise & my lil bro's voice
:26: One time when I was on my period... i had a major moodswings
:27: When it rains, I... go out into the terraice and sit and wonder(in Phil)
:28: The ugliest trend around is... the 80's and 90's
:29: The hairstyle I really wish I could have is... long & choppy at the end
:30: The last time I saw a rainbow was... at philippines
:31: The best thing that could ever happen to me would be... when i had money
:32: My friends really annoys me when... i will say something and not finish it
:33: The last person who broke my heart was a real... well... i dont have ex's and bf's
:34: If I could go on vacation anywhere, it would be... in taiwan!
:35: When I was at my friend's house... we had lots and lots of fun
:36: Ugh, this one girl at my school... think shes always right and thinks shes the best
:37: My aunt has a son named... earl,? link was i suppose to say here my cousins?
:38: If I got pregnant, I would... take care of my baby
:39: My opinion on online relationships is... silly and stupid!! everybody can pretend their someone else and hiding behind their pathetic computers
:40: The makeup I wear on a daily basis is... i only use powder i dont wear make-up
:41: Outside my window, I see... cars
:42: Whoa! The craziest thing that ever happened to me was... well haha.. uhmm.. ill keep it a secret
:43: My first pet was... a german shepherd dog "pops"
:44: This one hot guy at my school is named... uhmm.. my school doesnt really have like a hot guy
:45: I think mohawks are... kinda cool.. but not a bob! eww!
:46: The last time I rode the bus... was in our school
:47: I like Tuesdays because... i get to sleep during night
:48: The last time I went out to eat...was last week
:49: This thing my friend gave me... was really cool
:50: Today, I was walking... and stepped on a lump of shit just kidding

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