Shopping! at NewYorkers

we went to Mall of Dharan yesterday i just havent have the time to blog since its past by my curfew (yeah! i know curfew sucks!) it so anw

we went to MOD yesterday leaving the nest prox. about 2:16pm
theres this extention in the mall we went to go and look around it well... to my suprise its actually too long like about 20 miles or maybe like 50 miles long the mall isn't actually pataas its pahaba we you can imagine my face and my feet turn to solid rock while walking till now i can still feel my feet hurts.
i saw a shop that is "New Yorkers" there stuffs there are super super COOL! (with capitals C-O-O-L) there item price is cheap but quality is nice!! i think ill shop there more often
i buy a pouch bag and flipflops i also buy my sis one she got one bag, a shirt and fliplops too

i took some pictures but the sony ericcsson software lags..
im gonna post it later...
we went to kika home decore and lifestyle next and buy lots of stuffs...blah blah blah!
hohohoho jibber jabber jibber jabbering mumbo jumbo ehehe suddenly i got tired to blog.

anw when me & my mom do some groceries i bang my sole knuckles and it awfully hurts
after that i got no appetitie when we eat

anw. i really want to change my layout.. but too tired to do it

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