kawaii competition season 2

ive hosted myself a competition it is a Kawaii Competition
judged by me only to avoid conflicts

it is a Kawaii Competition season 2 cause when i browse though the forums there is already a kawaii competition hosted by agnes well too bad i didnt have the chance to join.

this is my first time to host a competition so if anyone of you is interested just click here

btw this is the banner of the competition:

the words should be animated but out of my freakin' mind i accidentally clicked save


whoah! i cant believe that next next week would be starting of classes! im half excited to go to school because ill meet my friends and the other half is its because of pop quizzes, sucky homeworks and teaher's mumbling some mumbo jumbo and it effin sucks



see this image:

i really dont know how you guys did that box with codes below the button can anyone teach me? i really dont know how
image taken from: minipinkz

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