mr toaste revised layout

ive done another blogskin. i think its just simple but its worth it
i think i didnt do much around this days except for watching PBB on primetime and waiting for school to start

anw i got some scary news im gonna tell i found it in BS forums and its dreadfully scary!
its like one of the one missed call happenings but actually i think its true

Okay, recently people died after receiving a call that the number appears in RED.
They will have foam forming in their mouths and die eventually.

The number is: +62852731520946

Newspaper had already came out with this news of people dying after receiving this call.
I'm not joking but this is for real. It is actually a curse done by people from Indonesia. Perhaps you should avoid picking up any long numbers from overseas.

it just came to me and what if i call that number dialing it in my phone haha.. oh well get real! dont do something stupid like your curiousity would KILL you!

i think whoever that person is watch too much ONE MISSED CALL shitness! that she decided to comite suicide and start herself some curse! ok ok.. i think im shrugging all over.


anw. im not IMMATURE im just going with the flow so i still think that dumb chain mail is like so LAME!

oh yeah before i forgot. i wont do that blockquote layout anymore.. i just think its kinda lame

i did some bloghopping since im bored: i blogged hoped at molly's blog , irene, carol & went to outspoken-kate to learn photoshop tutorials

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