new layout

im back with a new layout done by corsages i definetly loving it! especially the navigations but kinda lack something though. ive change something on this layout.
decided to put the theme:
Welcome to Shit Creek -Sorry, were Out of Paddles

ive decided to quit using the colors: pink and wanna try something new

On June 7 would be starting of classes and to tell you honestly i am excited to meet my friends.

right now i am studing for SAT advise of my sister hahas. i decided to study at the Math section first since im low in numbers.

On Sunday my sister flew off to Phillipines

We've traded in my MANGO shirt for a Little Miss Shy tee hahas

My upcoming layouts

- layouts that im gonna submit tomorrow

here is the image:

i animated it myself using Photoshop CS3. i think that my idea of this is the first blockquote skin in BS community

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