I hate intros! So lets get to the point shall we? You damn asses out there could come and check this blog out any time your useless lives have so-called 'extra' time, the same goes to those who are jobless and always have time! I'm gonna post posts about everything that goes around this wonderful brain of mine

new blogskin again.. made by claire?? i forgot her name so just look it up in the credits section
and as youve seen ive made some changes like the icon beside the blog date, headers and the blockquote

attention to all DESERVING SCUMBAGS!
have a life please and dont pretend to be someone else your NOT!

read this story
WARNING: maybe sound like B**SH**

A story:

in a house, there are a bunch of monkeys who ate a rice but not bananas then they took out a deathnote and wrote barney's name in it. however there is one thing that is super obvious till everyone can explode with laughter they had wrote and barney just went crazy and died from a heart attack by a book call: "learning of abc" and his friendsbuilt a funeral out of meat.

All of a sudden, a robot appears infront of Barney and he went mad instantly. The robot asked barney to make a cup of bubble tea so barney madeearwax bubble tea with strawberry inside and he finally drink it and have sorethroat. That's when L died of sorethroat from eating sweets
and holding handphonesin weird ways Light, meanwhile, satlaughing, proud of killing an ant and watching Ldie of diabetesand a sorethroat he finally dieof laughing too Suddenly, Buzz Lightyearappeared out of your barely-there underwear everyone freaked out They stuffed tissue paperinto their own mouths and nearly choked .

credits to a game called: 3 word game

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