i am screamin'

another layout again.. its pretty clean and the colors used are just BLACK or gray
yesterday was an upstairs skin by lissie and now another layout by .fourth!romance, believe it or not i wouldn't last for like 4 days for just a simple or imaging skin i dont know why but thats just me... if anyone wanna ask were i get the icon well... i totally forgot since my brain only carries 1 GB and not a hard drive so sorry for your lost but i do know that i get it somewhere by the link of dusty_memories in livejournal so go figure it out they got the most amazing icons!

btw. about this skin.. ive edited some of it.. like the hovers and the blog date header, added some widgets and change the blog fonts.

i got the hover codings from hae-min

im so bored.. so ive planned to create a thread in BS forums entitled : the SELF-PLUG section (Directory list)
it is where they show-off their blog url's for the community thats why its the self-plug section
if you dont know what the hecka that means then go look it up in the dictionary (for petes sake)

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