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so anyway this is a new blogskin again and its really not my work this is done by lissie basically not really my type of skin.. i just like it cause of the dark red color. the hovers & the tables.. so anyway im really not sure about this skin though i think its just simple and blah blah blah.... anyway nobody cares.. the problem with this layout is that it doesnt look good if i put big words in it cause it looks kinda off.... im so renovating my blog again... this looks kinda weird


so lets talk randomly...

i freaking hate coakroaches infact i see them in our house like everyday !! im so gonna killed their family!!! bloody insects!!!!! i killed almost 2 to 5 roaches today well.. the other one escaped right out of my freakin' flops! soon or later that little fucker will die in my hands.
so anyhow.....

its been a long time since i last post here huh? aniways im so excited for the school days to come.. (i cant belive i said that) its just that im freaking bored right now and i so miss my dorky friends haha just kidding. so aniways... OMG! i cant belive ive said it again... ive used up the word "anyway" or "anyways" so starting today..


pledge it yo!

i pledge i wont used up the word "anyway/s" instead i will write nothing but a pair or couple of freaking dots

hey this dark red color is freaking awesome!!!

lets talk about pinoy big brother
i love that REALITY TV SHOW!!! its uber awesome! my sis said its scripted well i say its not.. its the task that is scripted cause it has to be done..
i love starring at alex's face the half italian hottie haha i just hope he wont be evicted from the house

this is a question that leave me hanging from the roots. i got someone spammed me.. she named herself PP in my tagboard im so pissed but not entirely pissed. SPAMMERS are immature rodents. well. so i check up her IP address in my cbox account and there it was.. she was one of my affie.. i can prove to you if you want but i change find the PRINT SCREEN key here in my sister's laptop so ill show you the IP ADDRESS

this was her IP ADDRESS: and it matches to Molly's IP ADDRESS

my question was: why the hell did she spam me?? was she bored or something?

damn spammers so anyway lets forget about them

im just testing the hell out of this world!!! im freakin' bored.. i think i need a life!
surprise suprise! i just broke a SR45 mug hell yah...i know pretty darn huh?

i so miss HOME! ILIGAN CITY!!! i miss my home!!
i miss my usual balcony, the fresh air, my dog, the cough! the PS2, my cousins, my friends, my relatives and most of all i miss La salle academy i miss my old school i wanna go back to where i belong ....

honestly speaking i really dont know what the heck that got into me for this sudden trip to the past

-words are missing-

sorry it seems that the wingdings font doesn't work in Mozilla FF

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