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as requested here is some tips in pet society (based from my own explanation)

How to earn more coins & paw points
- visit all of your friends and hug them one by one, you'll earn 20 coins & 5 paw points
- winning the race (30 coins & 20 coins)
- If you spot some of your friend's pet that their hygiene is low.. take it for a bath (you'll get coins and paw points)
** getting 6/17/20/34 paw points depends on how you wash the pet (but normally i get 20/17/34 paw points)
- you can also brush their pets which gives you like (7 paw points and 1/2 coins)
- during Racing
** notice when you spot a water pod and your pet lands on it she/he will go slower right?? so click your pet again so she/he will go faster

- feed your friend's pet (earn paw points)
** buy apples or pears anything that is only worth 5 coins when feeding pets .. you'll earn (2 coins and 17 paw points)

Notice: i think betting someone in the race is not actually advisable to get more coins. betting is just like gambling you'll never know if you'll win or lose.. and if you'll lose especially and if you bet large amount of coins then you'll end up getting screwed

How to be a good pet society player
in any circumstances do not beg other pets for any items or food okay (they will delete you off their list)

yeah trust me they will delete you. i've read threads in forums. beggars piss them off okay . players in pet society work harder to get coins and its not easy so you should do the same.

just let your friends give them to you if they want. there's no need to beg okay

ex. i have someone who keeps begging me for an item i got a freakin' 6 messages from him and keeps begging me.. i got so annoyed i deleted him off my list

- do not use any kind of cheat, a hack, a bug just to have big paw points or else your account would get banned

How to have a nice house
- having a nice house doesn't mean you should have all the lux items
- DO NOT BE A SHOW OFF. if you got like 10 dancing daisies, 10 jukebox, 10 loud stereos and all the lux items.. you dont need to show them off and put them almost everywhere in your house just to show your richness okay. you'll end up having a cluttered messed up super laggish house and it would drive off your friends and will not visit your house again.
- think outside the box doesn't mean if a certain item is labeled as a shelf then you have to use it as a shelf..be creative and explore things. like you can make a staircase out of a simple shelf

for any questions regarding about this post.. comment me in this blogentry (link is above) by clicking Note and not at my tagboard

thanks for the greeting

from wendy

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