right now im playing pet society cause i want to buy the princess bed.. and so far so good im like this close to buying it hehe

and this is the princess nice bed that i wanna buy

okay next topic...

i got out the house about 7:10 and wait outside for the bus and its super damn COOOOOLLLDDDD! im shaking like hell and my hands are getting numb.. i should have bought the mittens and the scarf in "newyorker" ~~argh!

i felt like ive waited outside for ages since its so cold and i cant feel my hands already so i went inside the apartment

at school its still cold in our classroom then suddenly my head feels really hot like my head was about to explode and i felt really dizzy and all (headache) so i went out and told some of my friends about it good thing laila had a medicine for headache and take the medicine and i feel much better .. thanks to laila who loves all panda stuffs haha~ even her pet in pet society is a panda..

so yeah.. if it hadn't been for laila's medicine then i would be in bed today


tomorrow would be our picture taking for our graduation yearbook and for our class picture and you know what i totally don't expect it that the picture taking would be tomorrow bcoz i thought it would be on january and i really wanna buy a hair curler iron before our class picture taking so like we dont really have classes tomorrow since the teacher will also be taking their pictures also and some school organization and staffers

so yeah, my classmates will bring their laptop tomorrow and i will bring some movies. i will bring the: 100 days with Mr. Arrogant (i downloaded it), 200 pounds beauty (still haven't finished downloading), Detective Conan 1 & 2 (not the cartoon version the real ones)

trust me the Det. Conan movie (not the cartoon) is super NICE!!! and all the movies i mention about and also the "Journey to the center of the earth", "the last mimzy" is damn nice also i watched it for like 7 times already

In "Journey to the center of the earth" i like the part when they were going down the deep dark hole and when Trevor (Brendan Fraser) was about to fall off and was hanging face up and then hannah was like "im going to cut you lose" then Trevor panic and said that if shes sure and blah blah..

when Hannah cut Trevor's rope it turns out he was already close to the ground HAHAHA!! that really made me laugh..

and oh i also like the part about the magnetic rocks

"The Last Mimzy"

"200 pounds beauty"

"100 days with mr.arrogant"

its up to you to search the synopsis about the movies if your interested to watch them

oh.. check out this cool eyeglass.. i found it at a site in ate hershey's blog.. i love emo glasses but im not emo haha.. anw .. emo glasses fits in almost everything you wear

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