2nd blog entry in one day

i had to make 2 blog entries in a day cause i just want to separate this part from the pet society

anw.. my friend invited me along to play this game. you'll need all the luck you can get in playing this game

WARNING: this game is not for the fainted-hearts okay... dont blame me if you end up lifeless in your chair ~haha

anw.. me and laila chat in yahoo the other night and said that i should play the game.. i saw her blog and im not really sure if i should play cause by just seeing the pictures i can tell that the game is really scary.. i told her ill play by the morning and she told me that i cant play it during mornings (and i though she was just kidding around)

i opened the site today like 8am and it turns out that you cant play it during day time

and guess what i am playing now and the time is 9 pm.. its freaking scary especially the sound effects and the game is more than just a flash.. it seems soooooo REAL!!!!!!!!!


ill be putting up some screenshots later

change my mind. visit my friend laila's blog to see the pictures

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! my blogger is somehow going haywire .. i dont really know .. im using Mozilla FireFox 3 now .. do tell me if yours is like this also

click to see image


my dad will pick up my mom tomorrow at Dammam international airport!!!!!! i just cant wait... cause as ive said i cant wait to go to the MALL!!!!!

cause my dad dont want to go to the mall so i was forced to stay at home for 1 month and will just go out to buy grocery BAH~!

anw my mom just called today and said that she had pasalubongs for me yey!

and my mom also bought her along the twilight & new moon book (the book is out of stock in here already)

i don't wanna buy the hard copy cause its really expensive

there's this time (like 2 years back) i bought a Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban (is the spelling right? hehe) i was like super overwhelmed that I've actually bought it i was so eager to read it at home..

then when i got home i started to read it and it made me sleep up until now i still haven't read the book yet.. but anw i've already watched the movie

okay thats all


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