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please dont COPY MY SMILIES even if you found it at the site where i got it. please do have some ORIGINALITY okay. you can put smilies in your blog post area too but PLEASE dont put something the same as mine OKAY!!!

its actually quite weird for me to see other blogs that are almost the same as my blog! and that really pisses me off.

Before new years eve ill make a new blogskin cause im kinda tired of this one already.

so anw... watch this awesome funny video ! this totally made my day . my tummy hurts at the last part when the blonde girl keep screaming for her mommy haha!

Just for laughs - Rat Madness

back to pet society

yesterday i sold away my 2 story glass shelf and a bean bag to get a full santa outfit, it turns out it doesn't look nice if my pet wears it bah! so i sell the shoes, mittens, and the robe but i didnt sell the hat

anw the resell items isn't worth anything for me to buy the shelf and bean bag again so bought 3 cardboard boxes which looks like im packing away. *DEAD BROKE*

anw. woke up this morning around 8 am feeling like the same as usual doing same routine every day. woke up, go online, play pet society until when i received a gift.

guess what it is????



its a LIP LOUNGE !! its like 20,000 worth of coins okay!.. my jaws drop when i saw it.. im like super SHOCK!

and of corz i thank her for the gift

actually you could get amazing things from Mystery boxes

from Cheap Mystery box
- simple door
- set of ballons
- retro green cap
- cut-off jeans
- apron
- plastic chair
- ruby braclet
- simple shelf

(the not so cool ones)
- donuts
- milks

from Blue Mystery Box
- all kinds of shirt
- Cute chair
- Cheap Mystery Box (possible)
- glass door
- green chair

from Expensive Mystery box (GMB)
- brain bust
- NIS items (not sure)
- teddy bear
- mummy doll
- pink jello
- all star vest
- pink Christmas tree
- piano

(and many more)

these listed here are based from what i received the the boxes i bought and what i heard

Some more tutorials (based from my own explanation)

How to make poo *a lot people have been asking me so here's how

there are 2 kinds of poos, the regular one which is brown in color and the golden poo w/c is of corz gold in color

Regular poo
- lower your shower (yeah. dont take a shower)
- the happiness and heart of your pet must be full
- then feed him food (i feed her apples or donuts)

Golden poo
- same procedure however feed him many things but fastest way is to feed him meatballs

hope this help

thanks for the greetings

from: Bianca

from: agnes

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