wahh! im sooo tired.. just got back from the airport.

we went out to fetch mom at the airport about 6:30pm when i got there we waited for like 4 freaking hours! i thought the plane would land about 8pm and it turns out that mom will have to go 2 plane rides to get here. so that means my mom will arrived at 10 pm

anw you know what i really hate waiting it really pisses me off but good thing i bought my ipod with me.. so then i was listing to musics at my ipod and stare at this empty water bottle across me without blinking. (lol) cause i think my mind is somewhere around the clouds and i think im sleeping but my eyes is open haha and at that time i really want to pee but i cant find the restroom

so blah blah blah blah ..lah lah lah then go back to our house and arrived at 11pm

what im really excited about is the pasalubongs

**i actually dont know what the translation in english but i think it purely means a certain present that is bought from another country**

let the pictures do the talking (btw.. my copyright thing SUCKS to the core! i hate GIMP argh!!!!!!!!! i dont know how to do the stroke layer and GIMP is not that user friendly! i miss my photoshop sooooo much! )

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P/s i never would have though the images is like so big.

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