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weee! last tuesday i bought the lastest issue of Shout mag, i was planning to buy 2 magazines at that time, shout mag & Hair now mag but the hair now mag is out of stock already *cries*

Note: this post is flooded with photos

anw. heres a photo of the Shout mag. :happy:

heres the inside contents of it. anw shout mag. really fascinates me bcoz of there super interesting topics


i feel sorry to those people who try to shoplift tsk tsk. dont they have any conscience?

i also bought a diary notebook but im not going to make the notebook a diary haha.. ill make it a dedix notebook, i thought about this a lot cause i dont really know if i should make it a dedix or adiary .. but today i finally have decided. since im gonna graduate next year i thought about having a dedix notebook for all my friends to put something on it like about themselves, private stuffs and a dedix for me haha

inside view of it

this was my first attempt to have a dedix notebook like last year (3rd year highschool) and i have come to realize that it is actually quite small

and this is what my lil brother bought.. as usual... Jughead comics

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