Korean Hairstyling

i love all korean hairstyles do you?

anw what im gonna show you some pictures into how to style your hair like most of all the korean girls do to their hair.. i tried this at my hair and it look really nice and cute

btw in my opinion this would look good if you got long straight and thin hair

so heres a step by step into styling your hair (Note: if you dont understand korean then just simply look at the pictures) to perfect this style all you need is practice, practice, practice

it all pays off in the end eventually.

this style is called the "loose hair bun" look

let me know what you think about it and if you tried it to your hair okay

btw i cancel my account in wp already cause it scares me really if well... sometimes theres a time when your server crashes and all your memories are all gone. i tried to do a database backup but what the hell its super complicated (for me) and i cant install a thing in this computer since my dad is the admin. here

like i super wish to have my own laptop!

anw made a new theme.. its pretty simple.. hehe... it loads fast and doesnt lag just the way i like it..

btw sorry for the delay cause today im suppose to submit a blogskin.. tomorrow ill submit okayz

STEFFANIE will buy hair curl iron soon hehe

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