new blogskin + Mystery box

created a new blogskin .. let me know what you think

got nothing to say much maybe later i'll have something to say haha wah. my tagboard part suck it looks kinda out and a bit weird

here is the complete list on whats inside the Mystery boxes . Find anything you like in the list below so you would know which Mystery box you should buy


1.all-star vest
2.apple hat
4.baseball cap
5.Bedside Table
6.big pink ribbon
7.black and white bangles
8.black ribbon
9.black slacks
10.blue balloon
11.blue mystery box
13.cheap mystery box
14.chino shorts
15.chocolate milk
16.comfortable armchair
17.comfortable couch
18.crimson bracelet
19.cut-off jeans
20.delicate tulip
22.ebony bracelet
23.fragrant hyacinth
24.gold balloon
25.green cap
26.green carpet
27.green rug
28.leather wrist strap
30.melon hat
32.modern armchair
33.modern rug
34.oak floor boards
35.orange juice
36.patchy carpet
37.pine bookshelf
39.pink balloon
40.pink donut
41.plaid chair
42.playful t-shirt
43.rainbow band
44.rare steak
45.red bow
46.red pants
47.red t-shirt
48.Robust Cactus
49.sad sack shirt
50.silver bracelet
51.simple t-shirt
52.simple table
53.Slouch Couch
54.strawberry milk
55.strawberry rug
56.summer chair
58.tramp’s top hat
59.verdant shrub
60.white cap
61.wooden stool
62.Worn Grey Armchair
63.worn yellow armchair
64.yellow armchair


1.bathroom floor tiles
2.big black ribbon
3.black ribbon
4.black rubber duck
5.Black sweat band
6.blooming bush
7.Blue bubbles wallpaper
8.blue pearl bracelet
9.builder's helmet
10.cardboard box
11.Chilli bean bag
12.comfortable armchair
13.cutoff jeans
14.Dancing Daisy
15.glass door
16.gold balloon
17.gold mystery box
18.green band
19.kidney bean bag
20.leather wrist strap
21.Musketeer hat
22.oak floor boards
23.Party hat
24.Pea Green Bean Bag
25.Pine bookshelf
26.Pink shorts
27.posh bow
28.rainbow bangles
29.Red pants
31.scarlet lounge pants
32.school portrait
33.simple table
34.summer skies wallpaper
35.tasteful tulip
36.Teal wallpaper
37.Viking helmet
38.White baby hat
39.Wooden cabinet
40.Wooden Door
41.Worn yellow armchair


1.Antique Door
2.Arabic Smock
3.Arched Window
4.Bamboo window
5.bathroom floor tiles
6.Beech Floor Boards
7.Biggest Brain Bust
8.Blue Bow
9.Blue Pearl Bracelet
10.Blue Slacks
11.Brick Wallpaper
12.Charming Hearts Wallpaper
13.Chef's Hat
14.Chic beret
15.Chic Bonsai
16.Circus wallpaper
17.Classic Jeans
18.cute chair
19.cutoff shorts
20.Daisy Watch
21.dancing daisy
22.Desert Cactus
23.director's chair
24.Dotted Wallpaper
25.Double Cream Wallpaper
26.Dungeon Window
27.Elegant Bamboo
28.Elegant Door
29.Elegant Gold Band
30.Executive Chair
31.Expensive Mystery Box
32.Exquisite Orchid
33.Flowering bush
34.French Maid Cap
35.Glass Door
37.Gold royal chandelier
38.Jester's Hat
39.large pink tree
40.Lattice Window
41.Leather Dining Chair
42.Leather Executive Chair
43.Loud Speaker
44.Lucky Rug
45.Luxurious Armchair
46.Mademoiselle's Bonnet
47.Magnolia Wallpaper
48.Maid Dress
49.Modern Black Couch
50.Nine-Square Shelving
51.old bucket
52.Orange Pearls
53.Ornate Door
54.Pale Floor Boards
55.Pea Green Bean Bag
56.Perfect White Pearls
58.Pink Baby Hat
59.Pink Baby Shirt
60.Pink Carpet
61.Pink pants
62.Pink Plastic Watch
63.Pink Ribbon
64.Playful fish hat
65.Playful Fish Shirt
66.Portable Radio
67.pretty pink blouse
68.Purple Bow
69.Purple Shirt
70.Raccoon Hat
71.Rainbow Bangles
72.Red alert flares
73.Red Digital Watch
74.Red Sun Tunic
75.Retro Radio
77.School Portrait
78.Smart white shirt
79.Snug Woolly Jumper
80.Spike Arm Band
81.Sports Shorts
82.Square floor tiles
83.Stone flooring
84.Stylish Silver Band
85.Summer Skies Wallpaper
86.Swimming Shorts
87.Tasteful Tulip
88.Teddy Bear
89.ten Gallon Stetson
90.Toxic Barrel
91.Venetian Window
92.white baby hat
93.White bonnet
94.White carpet
95.White Police Hat
96.Wizard Hat
97.wonder pants
98.Wooden bed
99.Wooden Cabinet
100.Yellow Rubber duck

credits courtesy to the pet society forums

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