Mcdo delivery = awesome

Being the lazy girl that i am, i don't like going outside the condo waiting for the elevator and passing by a wall that smells like PISS, a mountain of trash around the area and smokes coming out of the vehicles and the LRT!

over all.. i fcking hate the POLLUTION here in Manila!!! i cannot wait to get out of here and move to another condominium!

and speaking of piss!!!! It bugs the hell out of me seeing men urinating on the walls here and there as if it's a damn portable toilet for them especially those "tambays" [tagalog slang word meaning: a person who does nothing at all or a jobless person]

i feel like my face cannot breath by all these pollution in the air!


i mean isn't Manila supposed to be the capital of the Philippines! then why don't they hire lots of street sweepers, fix the damn road and sewage and put up garbage cans!

Makati - business center of the ph, lots of high-rise buildings and POLLUTION-FREE!
Manila - capital of the ph and 90% POLLUTED!

/end or rant

So yeah, i ordered online for a home delivery, i rather do that than go down and get my face covered with toxins and shit!

I just washed my face so fcuk no under any circumstances am i going to go down.

so here's what i ordered online :)

(Coke & OJ) i didn't know i have like ordered 2 drinks O.o i though i only ordered Orange Juice.. I can't drink coke it's not advisable for me -_-

Double cheese burger

Large french fries

and my favorite OREO MCFLURRY!!

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