Jimjilbang !

Jimjilbang is a korean word for "bath house".

I bet your girls who loves watching k-dramas a lot know what this is right? :>

I was googling and type "jimjilbangs in philippines" !! AND BAM!! HAHAHHAA!! i've just recently discovered this.

It's called Lasema jimjilbang spa and is located in Makati!!! wooo! it's near our friggin school! not that near though but i just happen to pass by the street where it's located!

Introducing Lasema spa!

Inside Lasema Spa you will also find a snack bar, heated floors, wide screen TVs, and an internet cafe. The Jacuzzis here have different variants — green tea, ginseng, and other regular Jacuzzi bath. Green tea may help prevent cancer, suppresses aging, prevents hair loss, tooth decay, food poisoning, and reduces cholesterol levels. Ginseng uplifts, and may also help prevent and cure cancer.

Indulge yourself with Lasema Spa‘s massage that truly relax your mind and body, and body scrubs that slough off dead skin and restore vitality. As you enter that massage room, you’ll be greeted with delightful scents, soft music , and warm smiles. The Swedish massage (Php 600) uses a light touch but the long and circular strokes also stimulate blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

Lasema Spa also offers reflexology foot massage (Php 400), which involves putting pressure on certain areas of the feet with the use of the thumb. The massage lounge has a calm and relaxing ambience where you get an hour’s worth of having your feet gently and soothingly massaged.

Lasema Spa is located inside the Makati Golf Club at 7232 Malugay St. Brgy Bel Air, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

credits to: tourmanilamphilippines

OPERATING HOURS: The Lasema Spa is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Other treatments:
Milk Bath Scrub (Php 800)
Salt Glow Scrub (Php 700)
Aromatherapy with Reflex (Php 900)
Indian Massage (Php 650)
Tandem Massage (1,450)

Lasema also has a sleeping area available with a maximum stay of 12 hours:
Day Rate: Php 450
Night Rate: Php 500
Day Rate Php 500
Night Rate: Php 550

You could also avail their student discount of 20% just show them your school ID

Open 24 hours daily , Lasema is a world of its own where each step you make will be one of astonishment and wonder. Indulge in their spacious wet area where Jacuzzi baths brimming with green tea , ginseng pools, and a jade steamroom which brings relief and cure to your weary body. Precious crystals adorn the ceiling as the hot steam with the fragrance of authentic Korean herbs gently pierces through your being.

Take the icy plunge in the cold pool before having a exfoliating bath scrub of milk crystals and salt. You will feel like Alice in Wonderland as you magically enter into the jil jing bang. Here, you are ushered into a world of Korean culture reminiscent of the very popular Korean telenovelas that you look forward to. Precious and semi-precious stones like amethyst, jade, sapphire, topaz used for their healing properties abound.

Exquisite gemstone therapy, uniquely heals the body ,mind and soul. Jade strengthens the bladder and eyes, works against arthritis and stimulates the immune system. Amethyst calms the nerves and gives inner peace. Sapphires strengthens the eyes, lowers blood pressure while topaz protects the heart, helps in blood circulation, aids the lungs, boosts your immune system and ensures that oxygen is distributed in the body.

credits: islandsphilippines.net

Three very unique honey bee comb shaped dome structures which are actually hot saunas provide a misen-scene backdrop of a traditional Korean village. These charming dome structures are sanctuaries of wellness that utilize thermal therapy, an age old tradition being practiced in Korea, Japan and many European countries. The 3 dry saunas are made of dome clay a healing mud from volcanoes that stimulates blood circulation and increases metabolism, salt and charcoal sauna made of salt crystals and Hwangto know for its detoxifying properties. Think of how we usually place charcoal in our refrigerators to remove toxins and odors, the charcoal cleanses the body of such toxins and impurities. The oak and clay sauna made of oakwood and hwangto have been proven to intensify the body’s curing process. My favorite room is the one with a temperature of -11 degrees where real snow abounds. Enter here for that cooling down, or frozen delight experience where you are tired muscles and tissues recover from fatigue and stress. In this ice room, stare at the ceiling peppered with real amethyst, topaz, sapphires and other valuable stones.

credits: islandsphilippines.net

Female locker area

sleeping area

Another highlight is the restaurant named “Jewel In the Palace” about delightful cuisine and creative cooking. Traditional korean dishes like chapchae, bulgogi and hearty soups are served at very affordable prices. A snack bar also serves Korean beverages and sports drinks as well as noodles and sweet bean with crushed mice and milk dessert.

credits: islandsphilippines.net


  1. wow jimjilbangs :D meron pala dito I didn't know XD
    i think it's so cool since it's 24 hours bukas, means you can barge in anytime XD

    so...you're not taking a bath for n days?? D:

  2. @cynna: no! hahaha! I just took a bath :) i was reali desperate so i bought 1 gallon of mineral water and use it to bath hahahaha!!! xD

  3. nice nice!!magkano sa jijilbang??..hihihihi...or libre lang xa?? =D =D prng tlga sa mga kdramas!!wuhu!! ^_^

  4. package sya :D jimjilbang + yung caves kasama na rin yung matulog ka hahaa!! xD

  5. Ganda! Gusto ko dyan pumunta para mag relax! hehe. :P

  6. um... crushed mice and milk? egads! lol

  7. @Anon:
    hahaha!! =)) i didnt notice that!

    P/S: i have actually visited the lasema! and the experience is fantastic!!! and i would love to come back again! i only paid P280 because of the 20% student discound

    so if anyone has a question.. feel free to ask here :)

  8. It would be a perfect experience if only the place were not so run-down and in disrepair. Nothing really works and it's not the cleanest. Maintenance is non-existent and whatever facilities are not working are simply abandoned. Contrary to the signs, all the baths (at least on the mens' side) are all hot water and not the Ginseng and herb bath they proclaim to be.
    To top it all off, the price is steep for what you get. It's the only one in town, so maybe that's why they are so complacent. What a waste...

  9. Try talking to Sharon and Morgan in the reception area and you'll have the most irritating time of your life. They don't entertain customers who availed discounts. They ignore you most of the time when they do not rub it in your face that you should have reserved first before availing the promo when we really did. I tried calling the cellphone number written in the voucher but incoming calls to that phone were not allowed so I just sent an sms. I showed them the text message I sent as proof. But all they said was that why would we text it when we should have called the landline. When we told them we don't have a landline, they made us feel like idiots for buying a voucher in the first place. Me and my friends walked out. Lousy reception. All they give you is stress. Not worth my time if they treat me like crap all because I availed a discount. That guy Morgan even tried fishing for guilt when he told us he was still paying 5000php until now because his boss got mad when he accommodated people without reservations the last time. Not our problem anymore. I would have taken pity if he wasn't that arrogant.

    We went for a full package on a Friday night, full payment not part of some online deal. First of all, you pay upfront and they only accept cash (Red flag for tax evasion, calling KIM HENARES!!!). But later on we find out tax evasion is not the only reason for this set-up...
    More red flags:
    - Upon entering, there were way too many people. Instead of a relaxing sauna experience we felt like we were in a market.
    - The floor is mushy, as though it is rarely cleaned. Careful, you might step on morsels of instant noodles.
    - They are very stingy when it comes to towel change. No, they don’t care if you are dripping sweat everywhere.
    BUT IT GETS WORST. By 10:35PM, we request for our bathroom robes so we can get ready to shower and change for our 11PM massage like responsible and prompt customers. 5, 10, 15 minutes past and still no robe for my bf, we were still in our sweaty sauna wear. They made us go back and forth between the lockers, massage desk, and reception, passing us on to different people and still no robe. It was to the point that they weren’t even minding us anymore. Worse, I talked to the massage desk and they would not extend our massage even if it was clearly their fault. By 11PM, we got so frustrated and pissed off that we just wanted to get a refund.
    And here comes the other reason why they make you pay upfront. They may provide you awful service OR not even provide it at all, BUT THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU A REFUND. Management policy. In fact, sila pa ang galit and bastos (ANGIE I AM CALLING YOU OUT!). I tried to tell them I promise to give back my locker key when they refund me, but they made two guards corner us and the car. We were helpless prisoners. I tried to talk nicely to the guards that it was about principle, but I guess they have become robots and puppets of Lasema.
    Places like this should not be patronized. They really need to learn to treat their customers with respect.


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.