Mistaken again...


Have you ever mistaken for another ethnicity?

I have, i think it's already a part of my life that i have to answer professors and classmates who keep asking me If i can understand tagalog or asking me if i am half this and that.

I don't really know if i'm a halfer, i remember my sister said that we have chinese blood and she wrote it in her blog like 1/4 chinese something like that. I never get to ask my dad about this blood thing since we are so far away and when i was in highschool it never occured to me about all this other blood thing.


So today i got mistaken again, you see i was rushing to go to my Math subject and was stopped by a dude which was my classmate from English Class. He was asking me about my class and if i was willing to take the time to fill out some survey and since he is speaking in english and i figured that he speaks that way since he's half french i unknowingly replied him in english too (and i sound forced) -.-

The survery, i think was meant for other nationality like koreans, japanese, chinese, indians, americans, pakistans etc. So I think he mistook me for a Korean -.-

the questions were like...

Do you have a lot of Filipino friends? [fck yea. all of them are filipinos]
letting me choose somewhat between the ratio of 1-5 considering 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest.

Can you cope with professors speaking in Filipino? Are you comfortable being around Filipinos?

and a lot more.. their were like 10-15 questions.

It was mainly a survey focused on other nationality who are staying in Philippines and studying in the University and if they were able to cope with filipino students/professors.

But i filled out the form anyways HAHAHA :)) i don't have the courage to speak in english and tell him he got the wrong student to answer this but i think he'll know anyway i answered on the blank beside the Nationality that i'm a filipino.



  1. lol. yeah i've been mistaken for another ethnicity.
    when i visited the dentist...the assistant started speaking spanish to me because of my last name. I didn't understand one thing. xD I just stayed quiet and nodded. :x

  2. Lmao, this happens to me all the time. Last time, someone thought I was Spanish or Chinese or Japanese. The person that thought I was Spanish started talking in Spanish and I couldn't understand some things she said. I'm actually a Filipino as well :)Someone even thought I was half white


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.