I fall for a stupid Text scam

Okay, we have our own fair share of recieving SCAM TEXT MESSAGES. I usually don't fall for this type of things especially for those obvious ones saying that i won a bloody car and i should blindly send the idiotic scammer my Bank account number.

Also, i recieve some scam sms saying "this is von, please send me load. i need it asap"

like HELLO! who does she thinks she's fooling!

and first of all, WHO THE FCUK IS VON? i don't know anyone by the name of von , so i just ignore it.

BUT NOW! the asshole actually attached my name saying:

[Steph, How are you there, Is it possible for you to load my phone now?]

*The last sentence is somewhat an informal speech so i can't really translate it to the exact thing or i just don't know hahaha*

It's somewhat said it in a way that she is saying we are somewhat  "related" or "close".

*back on track*

At first i was like

"okay, whose this jerk and had the nerve to ask me send him load"
"Is this a scam again?"
"Oh no wait! the asshole knows my name!!"

yup, that was pretty much what was going inside my head.

i politely replied her 

"Sino ka?" [who are you?]

Asshole: ma, mo ito [this is your mom]

okay, first of all! why would my mom text me using an unknown philippine sim card number and ask for load?! my mom is currently at the kingdom with my dad and my brother and everytime my mom calls me, the number always appear "015634" or composed of 6 random digits and last,  MY MOM DOESN'T TEXT

and if my mom do text, it would be too damn slow and take up to 2 whole minutes texting for just 1 sentence !!

so i assume it would be my lola [grandmother] so i curiously replied

foolish me: Mami, ikaw ba yan? [Lola, Is that you?]
asshole: Oo, musta na? [yes, how are you?"]

*still not convinced... you know why? MY LOLA DOES'T KNOW HOW TO TEXT! MY GOSH!
but i still ignore the sirens calling that the asshole is a scammer after all she does know my name right?

Foolish me: Mami sa Iligan? [My grandmom from Iligan?]
Asshole: Bka mlolodan mu aqo, paubos n lng ung load qo d2 ha. [Is it possible that you load me, my balance is almost zero]

*still not convinced*

WHY? look at the way she texted!! she doesnt text like old-style-complete-sentence-text but teens-shortcut-way-of-text type of thing! GEDDIT?! and she replied me way to fast like 30 seconds and she texted me as fast as my mom????!!!!!

you've seriously got to be kidding me! My grandmom even barely knows what cellphone is!

so the text goes on ...just me keep on asking her if she really is my lola for like the 100th time!  *okay kidding only 3 times* and i think i got on her nerves cause she replied me "It's me. OKAY! your lola"

i got even more suspicious cause my lola [grandmom] is a sweet, caring and loving lola to me and when i was little lola took care of me when my mom was in the hospital.

Still not convinced so i called her more than 5 times but she didn't answer me! so i texted

Foolish Me: I keep calling you. Why didn't you answer your phone?
The Asshole: poor signal here
Foolish Me: So, you got another number?
The Asshole: Yes, my old simcard got suspended

(this time she almost fooled me and was about to rob me blind)

A really really stupid idiotic Foolish me: Okay, how much will i send?
The Asshole: 1 prepaid card, tg 500 pra mtagal mxpire ., cge [1 prepaid card worth of 500php so that it won't expire that fast. Okay.]

Upon recieving this text message, IT HIT ME! someone as old as my grandmom CANNOT ABSOLUTELY CANNOT USE SUCH STYLE IN TEXTING

like using this one ->      .,

at the end of saying okay and my Grandmom isn't that absurd and demanding!! and My grandmom has her own money . -__- I'm such a fool! so i texted back...

SARCASTIC ME: oh wow! lola you already know how to text now huh? not only that but with style and you pretty much text really fast.

Then the asshole didn't replied to me anymore! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

i did remember, i sent a message at my mom if lola changed her number and my mom called me saying that it was a scam and was reported at the news. (i don't watch TV so i have no idea)

So how did that asshole know my name and number? 









because of my CLUELESS SISTER!!!! HA!

It turns out  my sister has been texting this asshole since yesterday!! SMS-ing her that it's mom and it's her new roaming number.

My sister, of couse, without a doubt believe the asshole and have been texting the asshole thingking it was mom saying "  I just got a job blah blah blah"

the Asshole replied something like  "  congratulations. Do well. take care"    then shamelessly ask my sister for load.

Then my sister said she can't pass a load and gave MY NUMBER INSTEAD!

then one thing leads to another


first time i almost got fooled! >.>
woah. long post tired of correcting grammers i shall go and watch "My girlfriend is a gumiho" now :)


  1. Wow, really useless people indeed.
    LOL, if that was me, I always say, "police tatay ko. im going to trace you" gets them everytime. xD

  2. whoa..good job finding out na scammer ung putang inang yun..amp amp!may gnun na pala jan..xD natawa ako nung minention mo na ung old-style-complete sentence and teen-shortcut-kind.ahahahaaa! XD
    and ung 2 mins n ngtxt mom mo just for one whole sentence lang!gnun din dad n mom ko..kc bihira sila mgtxt kaya un..bagal bagal txt..kahit isang word lng ssbhn xD wahahaaha!
    pero still..good job on finding out na scammer ung gagong un!it took u a while to realize ahahahaa!


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