Gumiho K-drama

full title is "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho"

recently, got addicted to this drama! i just love everything about it from the characters, the opening sound track to the story plot!

Since i got really attached, i've decided to make a brief comic strip about the drama :)

(sorry to all those who doesn't watch k-dramas, as you can see i really love watching k-dramas)

It's a bit tiring to edit all this in photoshop but it's all worth it! i dedicate this to all MGIG (my gf is a gumiho) fans!!!

I watch the drama via downloading in yellow cinema. BTW you have to register in order to see the links! and don't worry it's free. I recommend downloading it instead of watching it in mysoju.

Why? BECAUSE! their video quality is shitty! that's why!

In yellow cinema all videos are in HD and has a very outstanding quality!

p/s: this drama is still airing so not all episodes and eng sub is complete yet so you have to patiently wait for it.

plot of the story can be found at the link above. Thank you!! :) and hello to all MGIG FANS!!

like my new layout ? :) inspired by MGIG and of course vector image of MGIG made by ~EpicNeutral (credits found at the sidebar)

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  1. I love my girlfriend is a gumiho!!
    The screenwriters for this drama is the same ones in "You're Beautiful"
    Plus, it's just so funny! I really like the romance between daewoong's aunt and the director. LOL. :)

    BTW, nice layout! :D

  2. @ Mae:

    IKR !! HAHAHA :))))))
    plus the epic background music playing when they have this thing going on between them xD

  3. i love korean dramas. followed.

  4. @ Steffanie
    It sounds like a chinese song? It's so dramatic that it makes me laugh! ^^

  5. love this drama!ahahahaa!..kakaadik hihihihi...mgging gumiho din ako :D :D drawingan mo ko ng 9 tails steph..ahahaha! XD

  6. ^ HAHHAHAHHAA :)))) shit natawa ako ah.. muntik ko na ma swallow yung buong tinapay na kinakain ko now =))))))

    me too! i get a picture of myself and draw 9 tails hahaha xD

  7. wahahaha!..cge cge tas kulayan natin para mgmukang real ahahahaaha! xD XD!and sorry about making u almost choke on ur tinapay..aahahahaa! =)) =))


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