lessons learned

lessons in life: Always check your e-mail. You'll never know when your life and death announcements might pop up.

To summarize it all
  • Woke up so bloody early to get to my 7:30 class
  • Our prof is a no-show
  • I'm a moron for not checking my email before going to class
  • Roughly waited 4 ridiculos hours for my next subject

Before i hit the sack, i check my email then BAM! i was right no class in our C++ Lecture tomorrow. Yey! i get to go home early. Okay BYE!

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  1. u r always a hypocrite. u know that :/ tsskkk

  2. I thought the article bye a survivor of the hostage is a lie. I read it at tumblr. Maybe you should check it again


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.